How to Feed Food Waste to Your Worm Composting Bin

You should prepare your food scrapes by freezing food waste  for 24 hours- 48 hours. This help break down the cell walls and food waste decomposes faster. You can the blend the food waste up in a blender. The last step may cut down on odors and fruit flies. It is best to rotate your food waste deposit (Pocket Feeding) in different locations in your worm bin to minimize souring your bedding and over feeding.

To feed your worms, add some dry bedding and then pour the food mixture over the worm bedding. Add more bedding after feeding to cut done on fruit fly infestation. Worms will eat  roughly 25-33% of body weight a day.  You should feed your worms once or twice a week and make sure not overfeed them. You should check previous location and make sure 80% of food is gone before placing more food in a different location. Over feeding can cause your bin to heat up and or kill your worms.

Adding food waste can affect the moisture level of the bedding. If bedding appears to dry, spritz the bedding with water. If too much moisture add some dry newspaper or cardboard and leave top off worm bin.

To prevent odors from your worm bin, limit movement of bedding during feeding. Bury your food waste in different locations each time and monitoring moisture will ensure an odorless worm bin.




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