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We specialize in your worm composting needs, raising Red Wiggler Worms and European Night Crawlers. We also have worm castings and worm bins.

Red Wigglers (Eisenia Fetida), the king of composting worms, are the most popular and versatile of the composting worms. They need 3 things to thrive on breaking down your organic material: Air, Water and Temperature. Provided a good environment, they can eat 50 to 100% of their weight in food a day and produce three cocoons a week. Each cocoon can produce 1 to 5 baby worms.

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European Nightcrawlers (Eisenia Hortensis) grow to be 3 to 8 inches long and are 2x or 3x bigger than most worms. The euros are certainly better for composting larger material than the red wigglers. Euros can tolerate lower temperatures than other composting worms. These worms also make excellent bait even in brackish waters and stay on the hook longer than red wigglers.

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Looking for Worm Castings? We Got Those Too! Worm castings benefits:
     Increase crop yields from 10% to 50%!
     Does not burn plants!
     Reduces susceptibility of plants to disease and pests!
     Enrich soil better to hold moisture and nutrients

Worm Castings

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