How to Start a Worm Composting Bin

A worm composting bin is a easy process to start. You can start worm composting bin in a matter of 30 minutes and start composting your kitchen waste.

You can start with a basic rubber bin or buy a commercial product such as the Urban Worm Bag or Worm Factory

Begin with 6 inches of bedding a combination of shredded paper, cardboard, leaves, and or  coco coir.

Add about 1 lb  of worms per square feet.  There are 3 main commercially available compost worms are red wigglers, european night crawlers and african night crawlers. The easiest to start with is the red wiggler and most beginners should start here.

Apply 1 inch layer of feedstock either loose food scraps or a small amount of ground up food scraps  on top of bedding. Freeze food scraps to cut on down on pest eggs. Get a blender and blend food scraps helps in getting the worms to be able to process food faster and to reduce fruit flys. Check food stock after a couple days to make sure food has been eaten before adding more. Do Not Over Feed. Its better to under feed then over

Cover food scraps with more bedding such as shredded paper, cardboard, leaves andor coco coir which also helps reduce fruit flys and other annoying critters

If you are wanting a faster way to start worm composting bin, check out our worm composting bin kits which comes with bedding and food to get you started.



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