How Does Insect Frass Benefit Your Soil and Your Crops

Insect frass is insect poop and is an organic fertilizer and soil amendment. It is high in Chitin which increases plants auto immune system and work against root rot and nematodes. Insect frass chitin is plant based which is more easily digested by plants than other forms of chitin such as those derived from crab meal or crustacean meal. Insect frass will not add insects to your plants nor will harm beneficial insects


 100% Vegan

No odor

Not a pesticide or fungicide



Contains ALL Macro and Micro nutrients, including Silica

Organic P-K Boost, with No Nitrates

Use Foliarly to feed nutrients directly to plants leaf

Water soluble and plant available nutrients



Every Beneficial Bacteria group available

Large amounts of Protozoa (Amoebae) available

Use Foliarly for prevent Mildew



Chitin increases the plant’s auto-immune

The best Fungal Food for Compost Teas

Works exceptionally well with Mycorrhizae

Prevents Roots from Rot

Kills Nematodes and their eggs


Interested in Insect Frass

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