17th Annual Vermiculture Conference

Last week Buckeyeorganics attended the 17th Annual Vermiculture Conference. The conference was hosted by Rhonda Sherman at North Carolina State University. This year a new topic was added to the speaking agenda "Meeting the Needs of US Medicinal-Marijuana Industry" presented by Mark Purser owner of The Worm Farm in Durham California. He spoke on the importance of worm castings in the soil mixes for medical marijuana industry.  He also talked about other important ingredients in soil mixes such as perlite, coco coir, compost and of course worm castings.

Norman Arancon spoke twice about the uses of teas in growth, disease and pest suppression. He has conducted research on soaking seeds in a 1% worm tea solution will greatly increase seed germination. 5% to 10% worm tea solution will greatly help in the disease and pest suppression. 20% worm tea will increase growth in plants and vegetables.


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